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An Eye For An Eye Darling

Press Review

'An Eye For An Eye Darling' Press Review that appeared in the Farnham Herald on the 3rd May 2013

Deceptively good, pet

Sir Walter Scott's comment, 'Oh what a dangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive' aptly sums up Elstead Players latest production An Eye For An Eye Darling by Ian Hornby.
Set in rural Surrey, this farce opens with the well-meaning Peter Cartwright, played by Terry Gardiner, setting the pace with a welltimed telephone conversation, trying to organise a surprise party for his wife, with disastrous consequences.
He was the perfect foil for Denise Cleaver, an experienced actor, who gave an assured performance as Amanda, the confident wife who gradually falls apart as she suspects her husband of philandering.
Add to this storyline a muddled housekeeper played with comedy and discipline by Pen Bicheno; Clara and Charles, well-intentioned but snobbish friends finely played by Kay Padwick and Peter Samuels; a domineering mother - Sue Gowar; amiable father - Jos Johnston; party planner - Trisha Haley; secretary - Sara Govey and two private detectives - Graham Lonsdale and Keith Olding.
A special mention must go to Jos Johnston who not only directed the play, but took on the part of Albert at short notice; to Sue Gowar, who had to play a lady much older than herself and did so very successfully; and to Keith Olding who gave an understand, thoughtful and comedic performance.
Congratulations to cast, director and all who worked behind the scenes for a thoroughly entertaining evening.
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Helen Riddy

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