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We are always looking for new members. So if you are interested in any part of the theatre, acting or somewhere backstage, regardless of previous experience; you will always be welcome.

Club Nights

We meet on Wednesday nights from 8:00pm at the Youth Centre in Elstead.

The Youth Centre is situated next to the Village Hall on the Thursley Road.

Bumped Off

Bumped Off!

By John McDermott

An intriguing audience participation Murder Mystery

Colonel Sir Rodney Gung-Ho, a retired army officer dedicated to huntin', shootin' and fishin' and his good lady wife, the inimitable Lady Phyllis Gung-Ho decide to invite some friends round to their country home. The Colonel, who is not fond of visitors at the best of times, faces the prospect with a stalwart acceptance born of years under his wife's cultured but insistent thumb. His one ally in this life is Stanley Binge, the family butler and his former batman from army days.

On the guest list we have an unlikely threesome: Winnie Miller, a Friend of Lady Phyllis, her daughter, the tearful and sincere Sadie Miller, and Sadie's fiance, the untrustworthy and oily Oliver Smooche, local bookmaker. Caroline Gung-Ho, daughter to the Colonel and Lady Gung-Ho, and her fiance, the well-meaning but rather dim minister of the church, Reverend Claude Smithers, make up the party.

Before the evening is over sinister events occur and one or more of the party becomes a murderer whilst another becomes their victim. You are the detective. With the clues played out during the performance you and your team have to decide who is guilty. If, as the play continues, you are correct you and your team will win the evenings prize. Good Luck!

Show Dates And Times

Friday 15th April 2011. Doors open at 7:15pm. Performance starts at 7:45pm
Saturday 16th April 2011. Doors open at 7:15pm. Performance starts at 7:45pm

Ticket Information

Friday 15th April 2011 Price Saturday 16th April 2011 Price
7.50 to include light refreshment 7.50 to include light refreshment

Advance Tickets are available from A.J. Tracy & Sons, The Green, Elstead, from the 21st March. They will also be available on the door.

Updates will also be advertised via Facebook so why not follow us:

80 Seats Available

Friday 15th April 2011
51 Seats Sold

Saturday 16th April 2011
40 Seats Sold

The Performance Will Be Held At

Elstead Village Hall
Thursley Road

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